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Cherry Pickers

There are multiple (irrational) things that both my children are afraid of, including but not limited to:

Germs (they’ve been brainwashed by Matty B)
Ski boats
Loud noises
Asparagus (at least, today- who knows about tomorrow)

However, these fears are tame in comparison to the ultimate fears which happen to be:

J Man: thunderstorms
Miss Rae: cats

So, we went cherry picking. It was a little sprinkly on the way and we could see storm clouds in the distance. But the cherry orchard was a good 30 minutes from our house and now that we don’t live in Portland anymore, 30 minutes is a long way! So we Matty B and I didn’t want to turn back.

Of course, as soon as we got settled in with our cherry picking buckets, the sky opened up and it poured. Poured!


Matty B grabbed my yoga mat from the car for the kids to sit on and we covered them up with a blanket and an umbrella. J Man was stressed to say the least. You can tell from the above picture that the wheels in his old man brain are turning. “If I multiply the seconds between flashes of lighting and crashes of thunder, I should have that number divided by pi in kilometers to get back to the car…”

Miss Rae is pretty happy in the above picture. This was about 14 seconds before a cat came ambling up through the orchard, hoping for some attention. Baby girl freaked out.


It was not our most glorious moment. I’m dubious, at best.

But then the downpour turned to a sprinkle.

And it stopped thundering.

And the cat went away.

And the kids picked a few cherries before discovering a playhouse that kept their attention for the remainder of the afternoon.



And we picked cherries: rainiers and lapins. I wanted bings, but lapins are pretty close. $1 a pound. We spent $16 and I’m so excited to make:

Dark Chocolate Cherry Muffins

Very Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream

Cherry Strudel




Do you have any “must try” cherry recipes? As long as they don’t involve cats or thunderstorms, I’m game.


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