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Fava Beans

Things that are time consuming:

1. Renewing your drivers license. Or, at least, listening to your husband nag you about renewing your drivers license. I’m kinda sad to give up my Oregon tax exempt status, so I’ve been procrastinating.

2. Baking your own bread. For this specific reason, I’ve not yet made this sourdough bread starter even though I love sourdough pancakes and also, this is like science and I need something to distract J Man from the weather and bowling. I’m ready for him to find a new “thing.”

3. Fixing Miss Rae’s hair. This is time consuming and complicated because she hates it and acts like I’m torturing her if I barely touch her tangled bed head.

4. Prepping Fava Beans.


Our CSA share had spinach, garlic scapes (still don’t know how to cook these), beets and Fava Beans.

I’ve never had Fava Beans. Is this word supposed to be capitalized? WordPress thinks so…


So, these Fava Beans are time consuming!!! FYI: you can’t just eat them.

First: Shell them. This will be fun for 30 seconds. Then you will stop at least three times for the following requests:

Mommy, I need juice.
Mommy, she took my sailboat.
Mommy, can we listen to Mickey songs?


Second: Blanche in boiling, salted water for one minute. Supposedly an ice water bath following the blanche makes them easier to peel, because…


Third: Then you peel them again! This will be fun for 30 seconds. Then you will stop at least three times for the following requests:

Mommy, do I have to eat my rice?
Mommy, she took my fork.
Mommy, can I take off my shirt?


And then you’re done. And they’re good. Fine. Nice.

But I’ve gotta tell you, ‘good, fine and nice’ are not worth the time that goes into Fava Beans.

Besides, I’ve got other things that take up my time.


Best bed head ever.


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  1. victoria saliba

    Just use the canned ones…boil for 5 minutes…add fresh garlic, fresh lemon juice…salt and a dash of cumin…smash it all together you have a wonderful dish time eat with warm bread! We have it every Sunday morning for breakfast…a true mid-east dish!

    • Ooh! That’s a great idea! So, do you purée it, kinda like hummus? Miss you, by the way. Also, I wanted some cake at grad, but they sent it to the 8th grade party before I got a piece! Robbed!

  2. I added the garlic scapes I had to a cucumber tomato salad I made. I sliced cucumber, chopped some tomato, diced the garlic scapes, sliced some onion, added equal parts olive oil and red wine vinegar to cover, then sprinkled on some salt and pepper. It was fantastic.


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