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Five on Friday, IV

1. I spoke at a graduation yesterday.

Do you like my red shoes?

There was an accident on the freeway, I had to take crazy back roads and I pulled in 4 minutes before I was supposed to speak. It was slightly stressful.

2. Even so,
21 things you miss after moving from Portland.

Especially #7 and #8, but definitely not #14…



Miss Rae just got some new Hello Kitty socks. She loves them, obviously, as she has all of the pairs on at once. Also, she did this all by herself which proves she can put her socks on by herself, so now there’s no turning back, baby girl…

4. Our CSA box had garlic scapes this week:


What on earth am I supposed to do with these?

5. Finally, I think health has returned to the versatile-vegan home. At least, I hope so.


I’m pretty sure that this symptom is purely from a blue raspberry ring-pop, not some other disease that my children have caught…


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