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Some notes on being sick:

1. Sometimes, when you think it’s food poisoning, it’s not.

2. If it’s not food poisoning, that probably means you’re contagious.

3. If you’re at all contagious, you’re children will, in fact, get what you had, only worse.

4. When sleeping with your 3 year old who has just thrown up, she will definitely want to sleep as close to you as possible, preferably so she’s most able to blow her vomit breath in your face.

5. When caring for a sick child, it’s almost impossible to know if you have caught what they have, or if you’re just sicked out from being vomited on multiple times (sorry, Matty B) because either way, your stomach is in a constant state of turmoil.

6. Because of #5, today Matty B ate 3 crackers (all day) and I ate 4 spoonfuls of peanut butter, a handful of potato chips, diet coke and a bagel. Healthy to the max.

7. FYI: they have no idea when they’re going to throw up. None. Yeah, that’s fun.

8. Because of #7, your washing machine will be running all the live-long day.

9. And just when one gets better…the other one gets it…

Pray for me!


(The one who’s better…although I think I see some vomit in her hair…)


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