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Food Poisoning

Alternate titles for this post:

*22 hours in Portland is enough hours to get food poisoning.

*I almost passed out on a stage in front of 500 people.

*The rumble strips on freeways are useful when you’re really tired.

I had a quick PDX trip. 60 minutes in, I went out to eat with some family.

We went to Alexis, a Greek restaurant downtown.


The food is great! (They said.)
It’s in a seedy part of town, but it’s clean inside! (They said.)
There are belly dancers! (They didn’t actually tell me this part, but I did try to snap a subtle picture.)


The food was good. Really good. This is what I had:


Greek salad with a veggie gyro. (Zucchini in place of the meat.)

And then? Two hours later? Horrible, awful, won’t-go-into-details, I’ll never eat Greek food again.

I had a brunch date with one of my friends the next morning. Blossoming Lotus (awesome vegan restaurant). I got this waffle:



I ate one bite. That’s all I could handle.

And then I ate nothing until the drive home when I was falling asleep at the wheel. So I pulled over and bought three things that healthy Holley is ashamed of, but food poisoning Holley wanted.


Pretzels, diet coke and hot tamales. And, as it turns out, all I really wanted was hot tamales.

Worst. 22. Hours. Ever.

I’m slowly but surely regaining my appetite. Today I ate 1/2 piece of French toast, 2 veggie hot dogs (sans bun) and a s’more. Healthy, right?

Have you ever had food poisoning? If not, just imagine being so nauseous you want to die.


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  1. Oh no, i hate when i stand in front of the toilet and think to myself, either die or get it over with, but now!
    The waffle looks so good! Only one bite? It really must have been real. 😛
    Are you going to tell the restaurant owner?


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