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Five on Friday, III

1. Somehow we ended up with three large containers of strawberries and 1/4 of us don’t like strawberries. Of the remaining, 2/3 of us only eat strawberries if they’re perfect. That leaves me with some quickly turning strawberries.


I’m thinking these Roasted Strawberry Ice Pops might be the ticket. Also, a Popsicle a day keeps the doctor away. And that actually might be true if they were apple flavored…

2. I’m considering riding my bike to work this summer.


It’s about a mile each way, the weather has been awesome, and as of last Thursday, the kids are out of school. I have no excuses. I just kinda don’t want helmet hair all day long…

3. Remember I got chard in my CSA box?


I didn’t know what to do with it, so I tried to make chard chips (like kale chips.) I massaged them with olive oil, salt and garlic and baked them at 400.


And then I played a very intense round of matchbox cars and burned them to a crisp. Blast.

4. Still have been unintentionally avoiding the kitchen. My list of things to make:

Cordoba Cauliflower Rice (this sounds weird, but good).

Smoky Maple Sausages (cause Isa is my best friend).

Cinnamon Orange Vanilla Grilled French Toast (I have leftover silken tofu in my fridge, desperate for a purpose).

Vegan Cookies with Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Cinnamon (obviously).

5. J Man tried pop rocks for the first time tonight.


Best entertainment ever.


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  1. You could make a new recipe and call it Swiss Charred.


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