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CSA, shell peas and milkshakes

Matty B has been trying to grow us a garden.


So far the cucumbers have died and the tomatoes have been eaten by rabbits/birds/monsters. The snap peas are doing okay. We’ll probably have about 4.7 blueberries.


Miss Rae likes picking snap peas. Also, in case you were wondering, she doesn’t like wearing pants.

We Matty B will continue to work toward a lush Garden of Eden experience in our backyard, but while the magpies are getting their fill of our raspberries, we’ll get our fill of veggies through a CSA (community supported agriculture) share with Welcome Table Farm.


Our box had spinach (yay!), salad greens, Swiss chard, kohlrabi (what do I do with this?) and…


Shell peas!

We had a huge bag of these. Huge. J Man and Miss Rae sat there and ate and ate and ate…

And when you eat the following for dinner…


(I heart Iceberg, also add a giant Oreo milkshake.)

…you don’t expect that your children will sit down and snarf shell peas.


But that’s just what they did!

French fries for dinner.

Shell peas for dessert.


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