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Thursday Thoughts, XV

1. Today was crazy hair day in preschool. We participated. We always do.



I took 35792 photos of these two together and not one turned out good of them both.

2. Jennifer Lopez is vegan. And you should be too.

3. I’ve been trying to wean myself off of music for my runs. The idea is to run the first mile sans music, to work up to it. I tried it. This would be the day, of course, that my ear buds died a speedy death and I ran without music the whole time and thought I was going to die.


Side note: once I got some ear buds that worked, I signed up for Fit Radio (it’s an app that chooses music based on bpm) and immediately realized that I’m OLD and I don’t know any of the “Top 40” songs.

4. No cooking has been happening at my house. None. This doesn’t stop me, however, from wanting these vegan soft pretzels.



Maybe I’ll celebrate the above milestone with some carby-deliciousness. Pretzels, here we come…


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  1. Why are you trying to run without music? What music do you listen to now when you run?

  2. Not that these things should be that shocking, but I was like ‘Is that the real J Lo that is vegan or just someone with her name’ In my mind I was thinking she wouldn’t be vegan would she? As if I know her very well 😉

  3. 500 posts!!!! Congratulations. I only stumbled across your site recently but defintely enjoy it.


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