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Thoughts from Texas

So I’ve been in the great state of Texas since Sunday. For business. Not for pleasure. Not to say that people who are currently in Texas aren’t…pleased. I bet they are.

But I’m sitting in the airport, having not cooked for four days and I’ve got nothing to say about recipes, but I’ve still got a lot to say.

1. Is it weird that I took clothes out of my suitcase so I could bring along my yoga mat?



2. Also, I’m super skittish about hotel room bedspreads. You know they don’t wash those things between each guest. I have this little process of folding the sheet over the edge of the blanket, but one night I woke up, having kicked the sheet off and realized that I was laying directly under the bedspread. Ahhh!!!

3. I’ve learned that “vegan” means different things in Texas than it does in Washington or Oregon.



At lunch today, my cohorts got chicken fried steak and I got a special “vegan” meal. I don’t know what was in the brown pastry things, but it looked like eggs. Also, underneath the onions and peppers is a pile of black beans covered in cheese. It was probably vegan cheese, right?

4. Diet Coke tastes weird in Texas. I don’t know why. Texas! What’s wrong with your Diet Coke?


5. Things in Texas have funny names. The road we drove in on was called Old Betsy. I went on a tour that involved an airplane named Old Soggy and an artist named Sleepy Reed. The icing on the cake?


Yes, their cafeteria is called “The Rusty Bucket.”

6. And now we’re leaving DFW late and if we miss our connection in SLC this mama isn’t gonna be happy.

I’m desperate for a little of this…


And a little bit of this…


There’s no place like home…


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