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That’s Real and WIAW

My office has a pretty strict dress code, but if I were to take off my heels you’d see black toenail polish.


That’s real.

Sometimes my dinner creativity goes as far as PB&J. In this case, PB for J Man and J for Miss Rae. That’s a lot of letters.


That’s real.

And so today, in honor of WIAW, this is exactly what I ate today.



Banana, yogurt and a failure granola bar (recipe still needs some tweaking).



Aloo Curry Rice Bowl from The Garden.



1 part chai concentrate, 1 part coffee, 1 part soy milk, over ice.



Angel hair with marinara, mushrooms , spinach, broccoli, and sundried tomatoes.

And then I made three pies.

Yes, three.

I made an apple pie (my signature) and snacked on a handful of cinnamon sugar covered apples because they’re delicious.


I made a chocolate pie and had to taste the filling because I wasn’t sure if the coffee flavor was too prominent (coffee brings out the flavor of the chocolate). I had to try it numerous times, just to be certain.


And then I experimented with a peanut butter pie that literally had me spooning the filling from the food processor. But then, you know me and peanut butter.


That’s real.

P.S. If any of these pie recipes are a winner, I’ll share…


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