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Curious George Smoothie

If my children end up being pipe smokers, I blame Curious George.

The 2014 version of Curious George is a staple around this house. The books feature things like bowling, pancake flipping and train riding, all involving some sort of disaster that George has created that he manages to fix in the end.


However, we got our hands on a 1941 version of the original Curious George book that wasn’t as PC as you might hope for.

1. George is “rescued” from his jungle home by the man in the yellow hat and told, “You’ll be so much happier in the zoo!” Ummm…?
2. There is a very unfortunate picture of George being seasick on a boat and vomiting over the edge of the ship.

But my biggest issue with this book?

3. One scene depicts George sitting in an armchair, delightedly smoking a pipe. The story says something like, “After a nice dinner, and a nice pipe, George was ready for bed.”


So I shouldn’t have been surprised when J Man announced at dinner a few nights ago, “Look at my pipe! I’m Curious George!”


Thankfully, he’s only smoking a green bean here, but I get heart palpitations thinking about the future things he might want to smoke.

So in an attempt to punish George and dispose of as many bananas as possible, I made a banana smoothie.


It was delightfully sweet- the opposite of George, aka the gateway drug to my children’s future nicotine addiction.


The cinnamon I added gave a perfect flavor complement, although, if I were truly dedicating this smoothie to George, I would’ve added some liquid smoke.

You can bet your last banana smoothie that J Man and I had a conversation about the evils of tobacco and how yucky it makes you feel.


Poor George. Too bad the man with the yellow hat wasn’t a better influence.

Curious George Smoothie


1 banana, frozen
1 cup almond milk
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp cinnamon
4 neglet door dates
2 TBS walnuts
4 ice cubes


Purée all ingredients in a high speed blender. Top with additional cinnamon if desired.


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  1. I’m laughing over here, but that is awful. I hope your kids don’t turn into smokers.


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