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Thursday Thoughts, XIV

1. I had a great time at Bloomsday. However, it’s a good thing I brought my own photographer.


This is the photo that Bloomsday claims I’m in while crossing the finish line. Nope.


This is me. Thankfully Matty B saw me at the last minute because if I had to depend on Bloomsday photographers I’d be invisible.

2. Aunt B’s birthday is coming up soon. I let Miss Rae choose the card:


The only Spanish we speak is “Donde esta el bano?” so Aunt B may be slightly confused on her big day…

3. I made these mini key lime pies for our early Mother’s Day celebration.


Upside down because the graham cracker crust is the best part. Also, these were a hit.

4. Also a hit? Early Mother’s Day presents!


Thanks Mom and Dad!

5. Also a hit? Take-out Thai.


Because apparently my family wants dinner every night…


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