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Mexican Panini

In general, we’re very confused by holidays.

We wear our Halloween costumes on Easter. We wear our Halloween costumes at Christmas.

We make Easter cut out cookies in November. And today, Cinco de Mayo, we were listening to Christmas music.

It turns out that Pandora is laced with magical fairy dust, and if turned on (specifically to “Mickey Mouse”), will provide at least 20 minutes of entertainment to children who are starving and thus, allow harried mom to make dinner. Pandora=Magic.

And because my children have no time table for Christmas, we were serenaded by Frosty the Snowman (but NOT the grinch because J Man is scared of him) while I was making Mexican Paninis in honor of Cinco de Mayo and also…Italy? Paninis are Italian, right?


I know. I’m confused too.


My toppings of choice were refried beans, salsa, avocado, corn, bell pepper, corn chips and cheddar shreds (I like the soy station brand).


Before the panini press…


After the panini press…

This sandwich was delicious! I never thought to eat beans in a sandwich, but all of the other toppings, all hot and melty, make this a fabulous Cinco de Mayo dinner!


And then we put on our Halloween costumes.

I wish I were exaggerating…


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