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Bloomsday, 2014 and 5 tips for a 12k

I’m a goal setter. It’s how I live my life. Bloomsday 2014 was no different.


Primary goal: Finish!
Secondary goal: Run the whole time! (Even up “doomsday hill.”)

I’m proud to say that I achieved both goals and I feel great! I’m not exactly sure what my official time was, but according to my watch, it was under 1 hour, 15 minutes. I’m happy with that!





And now that I’m a Bloomsday “expert” (ha!), here are my tips for an awesome 12k.

Tip #1: Eat fabulous food.




I was happy to find lots of vegan options all over Spokane (the above pizza had not only vegan cheese, but vegan pepperoni, I had a delicious unpictured stirfry with tofu, the soup at Europa was vegan.)

Tip #2. Spend the money to stay at a nice, convenient place. We stayed at the Davenport. Matty B balked at the price, but it was a 2 minute walk to the starting line (no trouble with parking), had an amazing bed (you’ve gotta sleep well the night before) and an even better shower. I was so thrilled to finish (sweaty and very quickly cold) and head straight for that amazing shower. Worth. Every. Penny. Matty B.


Tip #3. Bring a buddy along for moral support. Thanks for letting me spend so much money coming with me Matty B!


Tip 4. When the going gets tough, visualize your post run breakfast. Seriously, thoughts of this French toast got me through mile 6 when I was feeling pretty unconfident.


Tip 5. Just enjoy it! The race was really well organized, the weather was perfect and the energy from the crowd is amazing! I didn’t even listen to music until after the first mile because I just wanted to soak it all in (this is unheard of for a music junkie like me!).


Spokane, you were fabulous! I’ll be back next year!



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  1. Congratulations! You worked hard preparing and it paid off.


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