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Chia Seed Pudding

Sometimes you just have to try something before you know if it will work or not.


Exhibit A: Miss Rae insisted on putting her pants on by herself. Thus, pants were not only backwards, but inside out. We went to the park anyway. NBD.

She tried it. It didn’t work.


Exhibit B: Hide & Seek behind a soccer net. Doesn’t necessarily give you the coverage you’re hoping for in the whole “hiding” aspect of the game.

They tried it. It didn’t work.


Exhibit C: Chia seed pudding. Basically, milk and chia seeds (and in this case, vanilla extract and maple syrup) are mixed the night before to “set” in the fridge.


It’s not you, chia. It’s me.

A) This breakfast did not keep me full. I even added some walnuts for some protein, but lunch couldn’t come soon enough today.

B) I like some chia seeds. I don’t like mouthfuls of chia seeds.

C) It seemed like all the chia seeds kinda globbed up at the bottom and were very…globby? These are scientific terms, of course.


If you’re already a chia pudding fan, definitely try Nicole’s recipe. The flavors are really good. But if chia pudding isn’t your thing, hide.

Just don’t hide behind a soccer goal. It won’t work.

They tried it. It didn’t work.

Better With Veggies

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  1. I prefer it as a dessert/snack rather than breakfast as I agree it isn’t filling enough, but I’m sorry it didn’t come out so well for you!

  2. Just add chia to overnight oats instead. I use 1 TB and it is enough to help thicken the oats and almond milk and you can add the same flavors. The oats will help keep you full and then it is a breakfast!


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