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Peanut Butter Eggs

I’m a big fan of Easter.

1. I love brunch.
2. I love spring (warm spring, not rainy spring).
3. I love peanut butter eggs. More on this later.

I’ve realized, however, that I’ve got another reason to add to the above list.

4. Getting rid of junk by putting it inside Easter eggs.


Let me clarify. J Man’s preschool was hosting an Easter egg hunt and all the parents were asked to bring pre-stuffed eggs for the hunt.


Knowing me as you do, you’ll know that instead of purchasing jelly beans or m&m’s to put inside our eggs, I bought things like bouncy balls and erasers. Yes, I’m very popular among the kiddos.


So we got home from the store and we started stuffing our eggs and J Man and Miss Rae started bringing stuff from their toy box to put in the eggs. Cheapy matchbox cars, rings from Chuck E. Cheese, etc.


Best. Idea. Ever.

You see, we have an epidemic going on at our house and it’s called TOO MUCH STUFF. It comes from everywhere: birthday parties, back-to-school nights, well meaning family members and more.


And the STUFF is starting to take over our house, our lives, and my well-being. So it was the perfect solution.


And we filled our Easter eggs with random bracelets, tiny little stuffed animals, and miniature slinkys. And we cleared out at least 25 of the 15783 little toys that are multiplying in our house.

And then I made these Raw Peanut Butter Eggs from The Minimalist Baker. The angels Easter bunnies sang in delight. They are that good.

And I considered sending some of them to school as a peace offering for the other moms who have now inherited some of our junk.

At least I didn’t give the kids candy…


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