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Dropping, making, wearing, kissing, keeping.

Dropping: hints to J Man about being a professional golfer.


Make a ton of money playing a “safe” sport? Agreed. Note his Vikings football apparel…and his flip flops. Professional, no doubt.

Making: glazed espresso doughnuts


So delicious. Honestly, I’d make these sans glaze and call them dinner rolls.

Wearing: my Minnie Mouse shades, and wearing them proud.


While in Orlando over Christmas, my sunglasses broke at Disneyland. My sweet MIL bought me a new pair of sunglasses, but as is all merchandise at Disney, they were adorned with cartoon characters. I’m not ashamed.

Kissing: this face


I brought out two newly empty spice jars (paprika and garlic powder) to the sand table. These two empty bottles kept Miss Rae’s attention for a good 45 minutes. It’s the small things:)

Keeping: my eyes set on summer


And thanking Grandma V for planting flowers that surprise me when I least expect it (and totally need it!)

What are you currently up to?


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  1. Always love to read your blog. Just made the naan recipe you posted recently. We loved it! Thank you. 🙂


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