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Birthday Girl

This girl is 3 soon.


I could go on and on about how fast time flies and how quickly they grow up and how children are like sand…or sunsets…or…? But if I start talking like that I’ll start to cry and I still have a pink birthday cake to make.

In lieu of sappy talk, I interviewed the birthday girl for your my entertainment.

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite food?
Mac n cheese

What is your favorite dessert?
Brownies (girl after my own heart)

What is your favorite animal?
Mouses, pink mouses (certainly a reference to Minnie)

Who is your best friend?
Grandma (Awwww….)

What is your favorite game to play?
I spy

What is your favorite stuffed animal?
Lambie, cause she has soft fur.

What is your favorite song?
I had a glory land (Do Lord)

What is your favorite number?
O (that’s Oh, not zero. We’ve got a little work to do…)

She eventually tired of this game and instead wanted to interview me. She asked two insightful questions and I provided two predictable answers.

What is your favorite Cheerios?
Peanut butter

What is your favorite hair?

Enlightening, no?






Happy birthday to my baby girl, who always makes life a party!>


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