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Thursday Thoughts, XI

1. I got an email today from Matty B containing only this link. When I opened it, I was greeted with this picture:

Yes, please.

2. Because:
A) My husband is very talented and,
B) He really wants grilled chocolate sandwiches,
Our children are now the proud owners of an indoor ball pit.


Kids have it so good these days…

3. While going through some boxes, we came across this:


“Brianna’s (Aunt B, my baby sis) Food Likes” as penned by my infamous Grandma V. Love her. And what I wouldn’t give for some of her corn soup…

4. Had a fabulous coffee date with a dear friend tonight.


Gossip is so much better over chai tea.

5. The Bloomsday training officially starts!

Here’s my upcoming week at a glance:

Friday, March 28, 3.5 miles

Sunday, March 30, 6 miles

Tuesday, April 2, 4 miles

Friday, April 4, 4.5 miles

I’ll intersperse some yoga in there to balance it out a little, but otherwise, I’m excited! Is that weird?

Weird or not, with my increased mileage, I’ll certainly need to refuel with a grilled chocolate sandwich…



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  1. I’ve never had a chocolate sandwich before! Oooooooo.


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