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Beef is Cow and other things you may not have known…

We’ve reached a point in our lives where this kid…


…listens to and understands almost everything going on around him. We typically don’t realize that he’s been listening as we discuss things like death, taxes, and other such adult topics. Then, from out of nowhere, a little voice will pipe up, asking for a clarification on the topic of the moment. We’ve come to assign code names for things that we don’t want to elaborate on. So, if you come to our house and we’re discussing the “kitten”, we’re not really talking about cats…

Anyway. Tonight, we were eating burgers for dinner.


Apparently I’m craving summer. I even bought a watermelon for this out-of-season meal.

I typically buy the Morningstar Grillers, but decided to try something new. Enter, Amy.



And they’re vegan!


And we had fries. And we sat around the table. And pretended it was summer.

Now, here’s your opportunity to peek into a real life dinner conversation at my house.

Me: “You know, I haven’t had beef in…”

J Man: (interrupting) “What’s beef?”

Me: “Cow. As I was saying, I haven’t had…”

J Man: (interrupting) “You eat cow?”

Me: “Not anymore, but I used to.”

J Man: (looking utterly horrified) “Were you making a bad choice?”

Me: “Well…”

Eventually, we came to the conclusion that we didn’t want to eat any animals right then and the conversation turned to more important matters like the ducks at the park and how many bites of cucumber were required before dessert was allowed.

But what I was trying to say 30 minutes ago was:

I haven’t had beef in awhile, but these Amy’s All-American Veggie Burgers taste a lot like beef to me. And Amy didn’t pay me to say that or give me free burgers or anything else, I just like the burgers.

And hopefully, long days of sunshine and picnics are just around the corner and I will be bringing these burgers and those who came for “cow” burgers won’t even notice the difference.

And I’m certain J Man would agree that this is a good choice.


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