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Healthy “Shamrock” Shake that’s nothing like a Shamrock Shake

Yesterday, my mom was talking to Miss Rae about St. Patrick’s Day.

Grandma: “and down at the bakery we’re going to make shamrock cookies with green sprinkles! Would you like to try one?”

Miss Rae: “yes, but no rocks in mine…”


I had really good intentions for avoiding making St. Patrick’s Day another day of sugar ’round these parts.

We had a dusting of green sprinkles on our oatmeal…


…but otherwise, I planned to make our St. Patrick’s celebration full of broccoli and kale. Yes, I really am a cool mom. My kids are so lucky!

But I completely discounted the rest of the world’s influence on my children.


Cupcakes at preschool (and am I really going to be the mom that makes J Man sit and watch his classmates eat a cupcake? No way.)

And of course, the above shamrock (sans rocks) cookies.

And it’s barely 2 pm.

The only thing to pad our day with a little more sugar might be the infamous shamrock shake.


Mmm, Mmm! 530 calories of Yellow #5, Blue #1 and high fructose corn syrup! Delish!


The one thing the real shamrock shake has up on my version? It’s much prettier. I tried to make mine more attractive by adding some tulips to the background. Still, though, I really need some Blue #1 to do the trick.


And while you’ll find a ton of amazing ingredients in this shake, Blue #1 isn’t one of them. Instead you’ll enjoy cacao nibs, flax seed, hemp hearts and a feast of other goodies.


This smoothie may not look (or taste) anything like a shamrock shake, but it will not leave you with a sugar high or waxy mouth (you know that whipped cream leaves a waxy buildup in your mouth.)

We’re still having broccoli at dinner. But with a lunch like this, I think I might be able to have a shamrock cookie (sans rocks).

Healthy Shamrock Shake that’s nothing like a Shamrock Shake


1/4 package silken tofu
1/2 frozen banana
1 TBS peanut butter (or more)
1 TBS cocoa powder
Handful spinach
1/2 cup Almond milk
1/2 cup Brewed coffee
1 TBS Flax seeds
1/2 cup ice cubes, optional

Cocoa nibs to garnish
Hemp hearts to garnish


Combine all ingredients in a vitamix or high speed blender.

Heather@betterwithveggiesactually made a minty shamrock shake- check hers out, plus other creative tofu ideas!


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  1. I think this shake sounds so much better! Love anything with peanut butter in it!

    • Thanks! To be perfectly honest, I initially thought a shamrock shake was lime sherbet with sprite- kinda like a root beer float? Regardless, this smoothie is nothing like that and not at all minty either, but since it’s St. Paddy’s day, I went with it…:)

  2. I bet that’s a tough balance with kids, there’s so much sugary sweets at school and I agree it would be so hard to make them NOT eat that and watch their friends. At least that’s the exception and you’re filling him with good nutrition normally, so it’s so big deal.. 🙂

    • Thanks:) it IS tough! Luckily my kids like most fruits/veggies, but the plethora of sugary treats offered on a daily basis is overwhelming. I WILL be that mom who brings fruit kebabs for his next birthday. Although, 5 year olds and sharp sticks…?


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