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WIAW, the exhausted edition

I’ve worked every day for the last 10 days straight. Before you think I work for a group of slave driving tyrants, know that I will be getting a comp day AND some spring break soon.

Even so, I’m absolutely exhausted.

When I’m this tired, I have to save every ounce of brain power for things like matching my shoes and making sure we don’t forget J Man’s show-and-tell in the car.

When I’m this tired, there is zero effort put into meal planning. It’s all about survival.



When I’m this tired, I contrive strange ideas in my head. I actually ate this because I just came from yoga and since yogurt sounds like yoga…I may not have been completely coherent.

Coffee. Consumed in 30 seconds.



When I’m this tired, I eat out of a can. It doesn’t get much easier than Amy. Followed by an apple stolen from the staff room. I feel no guilt. Didn’t I just mention that I worked all weekend? Also, Matty B says my watch looks manly, but I love it.


More coffee:


When I’m this tired, there’s never enough caffeine. Coffee date with one of my student designers. We had soy lavender vanilla lattes. Best part of my day.



When I’m this tired and it’s sunny and the kids are contentedly playing outside and I get to sit in the grass, we don’t go inside until way past dinner time and then I make waffles because:

A) fast
B) easy
C) um, it’s waffles. No explanation necessary.

Recipe to come. If I ever catch up on my sleep.


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  1. Do I want that waffle recipe!!! YUM! I don’t even know how you’re functioning. After 5 days of school I’m beat! Props to you!!


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