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Let’s talk about this shirt.


It’s about to get real. If you can’t handle real, I hear that The Batchelor is on. That’s probably the opposite of real.

Back to the shirt. I got this shirt for Christmas (thanks mom!). It’s a running shirt. I love the color. I love the fabric. I especially love that it has thumb-holes. I’m a big fan of thumb-holes.

Mom bought me a medium. I tried it on and it fit- sorta. However, the long sleeves were a smidge too short, forcing my thumbs to pull tight on the thumb-holes. It was uncomfortable.

But I didn’t want to return it.


I didn’t want to get a size “large”. After I lost my baby weight, I promised myself that I would maintain a weight that allowed for small or medium size clothes. It’s vanity. It’s a girl thing.

It’s stupid.

I took the shirt back, got a size “large” and the thumb-holes fit just fine because the sleeves are long enough for my arms.

And here are my words of wisdom for the day: Your body is what it is.

Certainly we should move every day and drink enough water and hopefully eat more spinach than pizza (or at least add spinach on top of our pizza), but please tell me what exercise or diet regiment I should embrace in order to shorten my arms???

Seriously? Sometimes we put pressure on ourselves for meaningless things like dress sizes and scale numbers all the while ignoring the strength and energy our bodies provide to us daily.

My name is Holley. Sometimes I wear size “large”. It means that my arms are long enough to hug both my kiddos at the same time.



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  1. Beautiful! Love it! Thank you for this post. 🙂


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