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Basil Salt

My Grandma Honey carries a bag of rock salt in her purse. You know, for emergencies. I’m not lying, she gets these random salt cravings and she has to have salt immediately.


It’s possible that Matty B is her biological grandson because he’s almost as addicted to salt as Grandma Honey. We’ve talked before about an unhealthy addiction to Salted Caramel Mochas.


Although, he doesn’t wear large floppy hats like she does and while Grandma is obnoxiously tardy, Matty B is obnoxiously punctual. At least they’re both obnoxious.


This isn’t really a recipe, unless you consider it a recipe for brilliance and impressing your friends and neighbors.


I was making pesto for dinner and had a lot of extra basil. I basically took some chopped up basil and garlic and mashed it into some coarse sea salt.


The moisture from the basil made it a little juicy, so I spread it out on a cookie sheet to dry. What survived was delicious.


Survived, you say? Every time Matty B walked by, he snuck a taste.


As easy as this was, you could afford to try numerous variations. Maybe some citrus zest? I bet cilantro would be awesome! Go crazy!

Just make sure you save a little ziplock bag of basil salt for your husband’s grandma’s purse.


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