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If You Give A Girl An Early Morning Wake-Up Call…

Disclaimer: If you don’t have, never had, don’t want children, you might not care about this post and we’re totally still friends if you tune out…

Some of our favorite children’s books are by Laura Numeroff who has a number of classics, most notably, “If you give a mouse a cookie.” I’ll give you the cliff’s notes version. A child gives a cookie to a mouse who then requests some milk which leads to a number of various activities, all based off of the cookie gift.

This morning, I drove a few people to the airport. At 4:45 a.m. I had to pick them up before that. So I had to wake up before that. Did I mention today was daylight savings time and rather than it feeling like 4 am, it felt like 3 am?

If I were to write a version of Numeroff’s books, it might be called…

If You Give A Girl An Early Morning Wake-Up Call.

If you give a girl an early morning wake-up call, she’ll be loathe to exit her warm bed. She will, however, be so startled by her alarm that she’ll violently flail around, waking her sweet husband. (Sorry, Matty B)


She’ll be hungry and tired, so she’ll require coffee and a larabar.


The coffee and larabar will give her energy. So after the airport trip, she’ll decide to run for 5.5 miles, just for fun. It will pour rain. She’ll decide it’s not so fun.


Because of her soaked clothes and dripping wet hair, she’ll need something hot for breakfast. She’ll have brown rice, almond milk and almond butter, by the fire.


Eating breakfast will trigger a need for more coffee (as she always has coffee with breakfast). She’ll also read the paper, the best part of her day thus far.


Reading the restaurant reviews will inspire her to make some cauliflower soup for lunch.


Eating the soup in front of the fire (are we noticing a trend?) will feel like the right thing to do (especially as she’s icing her old knees). Sitting down will remind her of how much she enjoys laying down.

And chances are, if she lays down, she’s never going to exit her warm bed.

How was your Sunday?


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