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Thai Peanut Cauliflower

I haven’t always been the veggie-loving crazy lady that I am today.





For that matter, I haven’t always been the selfie-queen that I am today either. I should keep eating the veggies. Maybe back off on the selfies? Unfortunately, I’ve already infected future generations. Note Miss Rae trying to crowd me out of the above picture?

But back to the veggies. In a previous life I despised Cauliflower. (Why did WordPress automatically capitalize cauliflower? Weird.)


I even wrote a poem in 5th grade about my distaste for cauliflower. I still remember a few stanzas.

“Out of every food from coast to coast,
Cauliflower is what I hate most.
Baked, boiled, raw, fried,
In my opinion, it is most despised.
There is nothing that is worse.
Cauliflower tastes like a curse.”

It’s shocking that I’m not a published poet, no? It’s also a little shocking that I still remember that little ditty, but this probably doesn’t surprise my mom as I was also that obnoxious kid who not only memorized her own lines in the school play, but everyone else’s as well. It’s really quite a miracle that I had friends. At least, I thought I had friends. Maybe they were only sticking around for the rockin’ poetry.

But now I’m an adult and I eat cauliflower. And I like it.

And, the kiddos like it. They call it “white broccoli”. But they want it plain. Steamed. No seasoning.


I mixed it up. Oh, I mixed it up real good! We were having Thai Peanut Noodles for dinner. An opportunity presented itself.

Half the cauliflower in the steamer basket; the other half slathered in peanut sauce (I doubled the recipe) and roasted, 400 degree oven, 40 minutes.


~Plan ahead. The peanut noodles are ready in roughly 15 minutes. I wasn’t satisfied with the cauliflower until 40 minutes in.
~Chopped peanuts on top add a perfect crunch.
~Don’t badger your kids to try the “new and improved white broccoli”. They like it just fine plain jane and all you’ll get for your efforts is wasted Thai Peanut Cauliflower.


So good, I was looking forward to leftovers for lunch.
So good, I might need to rethink my poem.
So good, I almost snapped a selfie of myself eating this cauliflower.

Which, in all reality, might be a little better than “Holley just ran for a long time and took a sweaty picture to prove it” selfie. Those seem to be pretty popular.

Yeah, cauliflower wins.


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