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Currently: snapping, stopping, spending, starting, skipping…

Snapping: photos


Countless photos of “cousin time”. We had so much fun with Cousin Parker this weekend! Also, it made me really happy to find out that there are other children in the world who also avoid mashed potatoes, marinara sauce and other normal things that normal people eat. Needless to say, we had PB&J for dinner.

(Not) Stopping: until 5 miles.



Longest run in at least a year. Mumford and Sons helped. Am I trendy? (Note: if you actually have to ask this question, the answer is automatically no.)

Spending: too much money at a Winter Festival.




The carousel made J Man nauseous, but all was solved with the bouncy house (I know, this doesn’t make sense to me either.) I ate salad in a cup and the remainder of Miss Rae’s veggie corn dog after she took one bite and got bored. Honestly, I could probably survive solely off my kid’s leftovers.

Starting: a few new books.


This one is full of kitchen tips. Does that even count as a book? Regardless, now I know how to open a tightly sealed jar (wrap plastic wrap around the lid to get a better grip.)

Skipping: all actions of vegan ness, or health, for that matter.


I had breakfast out with my boss and a coworker. I always get the oatmeal at Maple Counter. It’s good! (And vegan.)

Boss: (as we’re perusing the menu, completely out of the blue) “Holley, so help me if you order oatmeal. We’re at Maple Counter! Get something good!”

I totally gave into peer pressure and got the “February is for Foodies” special: 3 white chocolate/raspberry pancakes, 2 veggie sausages, coffee and oj.

No regrets. Besides, didn’t you see my salad in a cup?


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  1. You can also open a stuck jar by tapping a spoon around the edge of the lid. The more you know!


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