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Thursday Thoughts, X

1. I’m getting lazier and lazier as the days go by. I apparently can’t be bothered by pouring my oatmeal into a normal bowl. Why exert the energy?

20140220-195924. jpg


These are oats with chia seeds, hemp hearts and goji berries. The kiddos don’t even bat an eye at my weird breakfasts these days.

2. This girl hates having her hair done.


Hates it. She would much prefer to run around like a shaggy caveman. She’s also grumpy about her shirt. It’s not pink, therefore, it’s inferior.

3. I went to the doctor yesterday. By looking deeply into my eyes (in a non spooky way), he determined that I have high cholesterol. What?!?! Did you see my breakfast? I’ve been religiously sticking to my yoga resolution and I run…a lot! How can I have high cholesterol? Also, he had a very distracting mustache. I feel like I might need a second opinion.

4. 29 ways to eat peanut butter at every meal. Sold. Peanut butter is my love language.

5. - That awkward moment when you're not sure if you actually have free time or if you're just forgetting everything.

Totally relate.

6. We’re into dominoes these days.


I personally don’t have the patience for this. Hours minutes of work for seconds of entertainment? I’m not so sure…

Until I found J Man’s other use for dominoes:


Domino words break my heart.


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  1. Sometimes its just more fun to oatmeal out of a different dish. It feels like a totally new breakfast 😉


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