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Green Spoon Review

I’m known to the outside world as a pretty positive person, but to those lucky enough to share an address with me, they know the truth.

I’m a big whiner.

It’s too cold. It’s too hot. I’m hungry. I’m uncomfortably full. I’m tired. The house is a mess. Why is there yet another pile of mail on the breakfast bar???

I’m a joy.

One specific thing that I’ve whined about is the lack of restaurants in Walla Walla. After Portland, the land of vegan delight, WW seemed to pale in comparison.

But then I found out that Walla Walla was nominated for America’s Best Small Town for Food and then I shut my mouth.

I’ve talked about the Garden Vegan Cafe.

The Olive Marketplace is good.

And we do have some good grocery store options.

But other than that there’s a lot of garden burgers. And guess what? Garden burgers aren’t vegan.


So when I found out that I had a work lunch at the Green Spoon, I was getting my taste buds all primed for said Garden burger.


I was pleasantly surprised. While the menu doesn’t publicize their vegan offerings, (they do acknowledge vegetarian and gluten free), they do, in fact, have vegan choices!


I got the curry bowl and the soup du jour, which, upon further questioning from the kitchen, was vegan! Who knew?



It appears that the Greek Grain salad could be another option, along with the Green Spoon Chop sans cheese. A simple olive oil/balsamic drizzle could substitute for their creamy dressings and certainly no one would begrudge you for the request.


I have no more reasons to whine about restaurants.

I’ll save my whining for really important things like the lack of good clothing stores in the valley (Macy’s? Really? Is that it?), black sparkle Toms and how blasted early my 5:30 a.m. yoga class is.

And one more thing.

Why is there yet another pile of mail on the breakfast bar???


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