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Skip Day

Sometimes you should skip work. Tell your boss I said it’s ok. Unless you’re part of my team. Then no skipping work.

I skipped work today. It was everything I thought it could be. You have to be strategic, however, about skip days.

No being too lazy. Then you don’t feel good about yourself.

But no being too productive. Then you might as well have gone to work. Don’t waste it.

Here’s my recipe for a perfect skip day:

Sleep in.

Run outside in the sunshine.



Hang out with people you love.



Eat a breakfast that is 2/3 unhealthy, 1/3 healthy. See my water? That’s the healthy part. Besides, did you not see that I ran? I totally deserve that French pastry which is certain to have been made with Earth Balance. Stop lying to yourself, Holley.

Do something nice for yourself.


Buy stuff you don’t need. Don’t tell your husband who says you spend too much on groceries.


Drink more coffee.


Don’t be sorry.

Don’t cook dinner. But eat dinner.


Also, don’t buy dinner. Thanks mom and dad!

Bake cookies.


As all good skip days should end- with cookies.

Recipe tomorrow- happy Valentine’s Eve!


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  1. I’m starting to see the light here…thanks to you the older I get the smarter I will be. So we burn around a 100 cals/mi whether walking or running, then 4mi/400 cals.
    That’s a lot of work and time for that half a hamburger. So unless I want to run ( walk )half the day I best make some good choices in what and how much I eat. Ah ha can you see the wisdom flowing into my brain as I age. Oh almost forgot, exercise too! Ug.


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