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Vegan Queso

My mind was blown twice today.

Just to clarify, it was not because Miss Rae was super nice to her brother, because that didn’t happen.

It was not because I had an amazing run that left me motivated and excited about my progress, because that didn’t happen. I ran, but it wasn’t amazing. I have hip issues (I’m old) and this morning I was in pain.

It was not because Matty B excitedly tried this recipe, because that didn’t happen.

My mind was blown because of J Man and vegan queso. In two totally unrelated situations.


This kid? He reads. I mean, you know he reads. I know he reads. But his skills didn’t really register with me until he picked up his preschool newsletter today and read the following paragraph.


He missed “revolve” but he gets one mulligan.

Now, about that queso.


I’ve made vegan queso before. I’ve tried tofu as a base (lacking in flavor) and cashews as a base (weird texture). And then I found this recipe where the base is…wait for it…

Carrots and potatoes. I’m not lying.

I was skeptical. Really? Really?



It was melty, like cheese. It was smooth, like cheese. It even looked like cheese!


I inhaled this with corn chips, but it would be awesome over steamed broccoli. Maybe even a vegan fondue?

Now, if I could somehow convince J Man to try the queso, my mind would be blown twice and the world might explode.

For your sake, I won’t push it.

Better With Veggies

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  1. Yes, I’ve made the recipe too and it went over well with my fussy group. Made it at my parents house–they loved it and my husband and son thought it was good for a vegan cheese sauce which, by the way, is a raving review!!! (Made mac and cheese with it.) It’s a keeper recipe for sure.

    Take care of yourself~

    • Hey! Yeah, I was totally surprised- imagined a failure, but it was so good! Your boy stopped by to visit a few days ago- nice to see him:) I told him to go visit his grandparents. In fact, it seems that I boss him around a lot! Poor kid 🙂 miss you!

  2. And J Man has amazing reading skills!

  3. Haha! I’m surprised that you found cashew cheese to have a texture – mine is usually nice and creamy (maybe it’s a more powerful food processor?). Have you tried soaking the cashews before making it?

    That aside there are a million ways to make cheese without dairy, so I’m excited you found one you enjoyed! 🙂


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