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Five on Friday

1. For 3 minutes today I had an internal panic attack that I lost my phone, only to remember that I stuck it in my boot (the one I was currently wearing) for safe keeping.

Side note: enough already with the snow.

2. This is weight training in our house.





Do you like my thumb? I’m an awesome photographer.

3. I took a Friends quiz. It will come as no surprise to anyone that I’m Monica.


4. I haven’t been cooking. I want to make this mushroom bolognese bread pudding (kids won’t touch it), these veggie burgers (they’ll turn up their noses here, too…) or maybe these double chocolate vegan brownies? (Now we’re talking!)

5. So appreciating family this weekend! Work has been slightly crazy and we would not be surviving without extra baby-sitting help!



Also, Unk C is a rock star. In a tube. With a football helmet.


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  1. Love these pictures!

  2. I’d rather have the brownies, too. 😉


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