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WIAW: kid’s edition

In general, my children are much more interesting than I am.

Their interests are varied and include:
The color pink
Salt n’ Pepa (ask Matty B)
Weather patterns in Indonesia
Cats and whether or not they will scratch
License plates
The word “stinky”
The Berenstain Bears
Aurora Borealis

See? Much more interesting than me. So, for today, it’s WMKAW (what my kids ate Wednesday)!


Breakfast: French toast, vege sausage, strawberries and raspberries.



In general, breakfast is in the way. There are more important things to do like jump on your bed and pick out clothes that don’t match.


There was a snack. It was eaten too fast to be documented.

Lunch: vege hot dog, apple slices, string cheese, goldfish crackers, cucumber and bell pepper.


If we sit down for lunch versus running in circles around the kitchen, it’s a victory.

There was a snack. It was eaten too fast to be documented.

Dinner: brown rice, chili, cornbread, olives, cucumber and bell pepper.


No one likes this dinner. All they like is the veggies and cornbread. Rice? Blech. My children would not survive in any Asian country.

Snack: orange segments, carrots, more cucumbers and more bell peppers. Can’t get enough.


And I’m very happy to report that cucumbers and bell peppers can certainly be added to these kid’s list of interests. Hopefully, coming in before Salt n’ Pepa.


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