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Hearty Black Bean and Sweet Potato Soup

Preview: here are two examples of perfection in my life.

1. My son
2. This soup


Can I take a quick moment to brag? Of course I can. I’m the queen of this little space- try and stop me.

My boy. Oh, my sweet boy. Let me set the scene for you.

Birthday afternoon, opening presents from Sha Sha and Grandad. J Man opened the card which contained a sum of money very impressive to a five year old (and, by the way, impressive to a 30-something year old also).

After breathlessly counting the dollar bills, my boy excitedly exclaimed, “Yes! Now I can buy you something!”

Not, “now I can buy more matchbox cars.”

Not, “now I can buy lots of candy.”

But, “now I can buy you something.”

Seriously, I was holding back the tears.

He’s so good. So sweet and good.

You know what else is sweet and good?


Shutterbean’s Hearty Black Bean and Sweet Potato Soup.

I fell in love with Shutterbean after meeting her on the Joy The Baker podcast. Her son is just a smidge older than J Man and her laugh makes me laugh. We’d probably be friends if we lived closer.


Shutterbean isn’t vegan, but this soup is accidentally? wonderfully so. I didn’t use the corn tortillas, but not because I didn’t want to, only because I’d forgotten that angel boy ate them all.


I ate two giant bowls of this soup after 4 miles in freezing temps. The flavor combination is awesome! This soup+fireplace+hugs from my boy=perfection.

As far as I’m concerned, he can always and forever eat the rest of the corn tortillas.

(Besides, I know where he stashed his birthday money- I can always buy more…)

Better With Veggies

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  1. So glad you liked the soup and thank you for listening to my podcast! That makes me so happy! You and your boy are so cute! xoxoxo

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