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Caked Out

There’s been a lot of cake going down these last few days.


In less than 24 hours this dude will be five years old. Mind blown. The only solution for that overwhelming sense of “my baby is a big boy”, is cake.

And oh, have we done cake?



Friend Birthday Party with ice cream cone cupcakes.


I’ve decided that when choosing how many guests for a child’s party, go with the number identical to their age. We had five participants. Perfect. All could jump in the bouncy house at the same time. Because if you’re the kid on the outside of the bouncy house, you’re not enjoying yourself. And if you’re the parent with the stopwatch, you’re not enjoying yourself.


Preschool Classroom Treats with awful Walmart cupcakes. I dug my heels in for awhile on this one (Walmart? Blue frosting? Seahawks???) but the boy finally won out.


I avoided all eye contact with parents, ashamed at the despicable “treats” I was offering their youngsters. Birthday boy was thrilled. No one else matters:)


And finally, the one cake that I actually ate! The cake recipe is Nita’s Crazy Cake from epicurious. The frosting is heaven, aka Meet The Shannons caramel frosting. And then I sprinkled sea salt on top because it’s what I do.

Really, it’s what I do.

Not lying. It’s what I do.

I mentioned that the dude is five in 24 hours. Yes. He hasn’t even had his Family Birthday Party yet.

I’m caked out.

Birthday flan, anyone?


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