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Thursday Thoughts, IX

1. I was on the road for work today. 8 hours in the car means that I binged on Joy the Baker podcasts. Listening to this episode made me believe that Joy and I were separated at birth. She loves cooking and she adores Jesse (Aaron Paul) from Breaking Bad?

2. While driving, I almost had a nervous breakdown. The speed limit was 65. I was going 69. A cop was hiding on the side of the road. When I sped past him, he immediately pulled out behind me. He followed me for like,10 minutes. Ok, maybe it was 2 minutes. Regardless, I was stressed because you may or may not know, but tickets come out of fun money. Thankfully, the copper pulled in front of me, his lights flashing for the car in front of me. Seriously took 2 years off my life.


3. Folding laundry is 100% more fun with underwear on your head.


4. I bought a groupon from American Apparel. $20 for $40. Good deal, right? I had no idea what I was getting into. I am not American Apparel’s target audience. I hated 99% of the store. I ended up with this:


Obviously this girl doesn’t like American Apparel either.

5. Sometimes I just eat toast and tea for dinner.



And then I feel British.

6. I was totally planning on making these Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse filled cupcakes for J Man’s birthday, and he just informed me that he doesn’t like peanut butter.


Who’s child is this?

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  1. Cops can seriously be the biggest jerks. I swear they get a thrill out of freaking people out. And breakfast for dinner is one of my favourite things ever — I could probably eat toast, oatmeal, or pancakes for dinner every night of the week and be perfectly content 😀


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