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Expectations and Cookie Dough Oatmeal

Better With Veggies

Expectations can make or break you.

Example 1: As a child, Matty B loved the movie Goonies. As an adult, he has very fond memories of this film and after much prodding, convinced me to watch it with him. As a Goonies first-timer, I had pretty high expectations.

That movie is so boring. And kinda dumb. If you’re angry right now, shaking your fist of rage at my blasphemy, ask yourself when you first saw Goonies? Were you 12? Or were you 31? Big difference.

Example 2: Fake meat products. Having been on both sides of this issue as a former carnivore, I feel pretty well qualified to speak to this topic.

Fake chicken doesn’t taste like chicken.
Fake hot dogs don’t taste like hot dogs.
Fake tuna tastes like trash.
All if the above (other than the tuno tuna) taste good, they just won’t meet your expectations of tasting like their “real” counterpart.


Example 3: This Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Oatmeal from Chocolate Covered Katie.

The recipe was easy. The ingredients were fairly clean. This oatmeal kept me full until well past 1 pm when I took a break for lunch. And it tasted great!


So why am I whining (other than the fact that I obviously don’t understand light or how to take food photos)?

It didn’t taste like cookie dough. Don’t call something a name that is meant to evoke a memory or a previous experience that will make me want to try this dish, only to be disappointed in the fact that it doesn’t, in fact, taste like its name.

Alternate names?

Delicious-chocolatey-goodness oatmeal.

This-is-too-good-to-be-healthy oatmeal.

Warm-you-up-after-freezing-off-your-toes-in-a-yoga-room-that-is-supposed-to-be-heated-but-isn’t oatmeal.

Expectations can make or break you.

Miss Rae knows all about this. She was mad because she wanted to wear her pink coat sledding and I had packed her red coat.

“It’s dark pink,” I told her.


She’s not buying it.



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