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A Tale of Two Toms

Let’s talk about customer service.

Before I go too far into my rant, let me state that every career, in some way or another, has a “customer service” facet.

Find one that doesn’t. I dare you.

I’ll keep my whining short and to the point. A numbered list might be helpful for organizational purposes.

1. I like Toms (the shoes).
2. For my birthday in October, I asked for black sparkle Toms. They were on my Amazon wishlist.
3. Matty B purchased the above Toms at a local retailer. Not a big box store, definitely a small snobbyboutique.
4. They were too small. I needed a different size.

The snobby boutique was awful to work with. I left the shop furious with $58 in store credit and no shoes. I was told to “like them on Facebook” to find out when my shoes might arrive.

That was the beginning of October.

Fast forward to December 12.

5. We’re going to Florida. I’ve given up all hope for black sparkle Toms. I go to the snobby boutique, spend my credit on some royal blue Toms and move on.

6. Five days later. I’m in Florida. The snobby boutique posts on their Facebook page, “New shipment of Toms!”

I immediately respond, “Do you have black sparkle, size 9.5?”

Yes, they do. Do I want them to save them for me? Yes, I do, but I’m not back in Washington for another week. They will hold them, I’m assured.

7. No lie, the day after Christmas I’m at snobby boutique. They sold my shoes to someone else.

And now I’m never going there again and I ordered my shoes from Amazon, so there!


Also, did you know that you can cook steel cut oats in a rice cooker?


You can. It’s the easiest thing ever. I love steel cut oats, but don’t have 25 minutes to stir a pot. I’m too busy hunting for Toms on Amazon.


Rice Cooker Steel Cut Oats

1 cup steel cut oats
3 cups water

Dump in your rice cooker, and push start. Take a shower, make some coffee, dry your hair partway, search frantically for your son’s Oregon State football jersey, finish drying your hair.

Oats are done.


I topped mine with strawberries, raspberries and banana. Delish.

Matty B quote of the day: “If you return your pair of Toms, do they take the pair back from the kid in Africa?”


Better With Veggies

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  1. I’m going to try the oatmeal tomorrow! I never thought about cooking it in my rice cooker. Even though I know the greatness of steel cut I never seem to make it because the cooking is so annoying in the morning.

  2. Its somewhat daft/silly/what-ever-you-want-to-say that it’s gotten to a point where you have to ‘like’ something on Facebook. I don’t see why they couldn’t have ordered a pair in your size specifically for you. (I used to work for a small store, I made sure if I was out of stock and a customer wanted something, I’d add another and keep it back for them!) Simple 🙂 )


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