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Yoga. I’m absolutely awful about stretching after I run. My muscles are sore and tight 90% of my life. I’m hoping yoga twice a week will help. Also, maybe I should resolve to stretch post-run? Nah.



This dude is 5 in less than a month. Mind blown. I wanted a Michael Jackson themed birthday party (cause Jackson 5, get it?), but for some reason the birthday boy isn’t sold. He’s requested his current obsession- bowling.



I’ve mentioned before that I cheat on the vegan gods with Greek yogurt (…and Disney World...and dinners out...and I’m a horrible excuse for a vegan).


This stuff is amazing. Honey Salted Caramel? I’m in.



I’ve been trying to make Shutterbean’s Brussels sprouts salad since Sunday, minus the Parmesan, plus some pomegranate. See, I’m trying to be vegan! Every day I make a baby step in this salad. And the recipe isn’t even hard! I’m just easily distracted. And when I get hungry, instead of eating Brussels sprouts, I eat Honey Salted Caramel yogurt.




I came across this recipe for potato salad that he had scrawled out for me. It was an awful recipe calling for carrots, peas, cucumbers, beets and tomatoes, in addition to the typical potato salad ingredients. He also requested that I add “near beer”. What? I think he was just trying to see if I’d go to the store looking for near beer.

I’m proud to say that before he died, I followed this recipe precisely. Well, minus the near beer. He didn’t seem to miss it:)

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  1. My most treasured possessions are cards, recipes, etc. written in my grandparents hand-writing. It is so special to see and a way to hold onto them. Seeing your Grandpa’s recipe reminded me so much of all the recipes I have saved of my Grandmother’s. I actually wanted to create some kind of project that frames them.

  2. I’m the worst at stretching took and I feel it when I don’t! Yoga definitely helps me to refocus!

  3. Honey salted caramel? You’d be criminally insane NOT to eat that! Sounds beyond amazing! And I would definitely push for that Jackson themed party, made me laugh a lot, that’s the kind of party I’d like an invite to!

    Just Pirouette and Carry On…

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