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Enough to make you cry…

Ever since I’ve had my kids, I’ve become a big crier. Well, Matty B would probably tell you that ever since he’s known me I’ve been a big crier.

Things that make me cry:

1. The Biggest Loser, even commercials for the biggest loser. I just find it so inspiring! And these people are working so hard, and then when their families come and surprise them and the little baby boys are running into their daddy’s arms…? I’m a goner.

2. One Voice, by the Wailin’ Jennys. It didn’t help that Matty B put this song to pictures of our children.
What was he thinking?

3. This link showing a widower father posing with their young daughter in the same poses as the couples wedding. I explained it horribly. I’m too emotional to put cohesive sentences together. Look if you dare.

4. This last one is a total guilty confession, but I sobbed like a baby reading the last Twilight book when Bella tells Jacob to take Renesme and run away if their crazy vampire war gets too out of hand. In my defense, Miss Rae was like, 4 weeks old and I was a mess already.

You know what makes Matty B cry?


J Man is super into wii bowling. J Man has a skinny wrist. J Man is already pretty competitive. J Man is surprisingly accurate.

And our lovely flat screen TV will never be the same.

Guess what else makes me cry?



On a day when Matty B wanted to cry and J Man did cry, it seemed only logical to caramelize some onions.


I taught a cooking class at my last school. We were chopping onions. Everyone was weepy. One super quiet student volunteered that his mom always put a piece of paper towel in her mouth (slightly sticking out) when chopping onions. It worked! Not only did the students stop crying, but they were amazingly quiet for at least five minutes!


My caramelized onions went into a calzone. As always, I used this recipe for the crust. Winner every time.


Tonight, J Man and Miss Rae are going over to grandma and papa’s house.

J Man: “Make sure to tell papa to put the wii remote on my arm really tight so I don’t break their TV too…”

Cause no one want to see papa cry…


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  1. That tv!!! I think that’d make me cry! Those onion looks amazing, through and I can’t wait to try to paper towel trick!


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