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Top 7 Tips for a Sickie

Miss Rae got me sick.

Blast her. Good thing she’s cute…


Sore throat and runny nose appear to be Phase 1. Well, that and sneezing, but sneezing is nothing new. I’m allergic to virtually everything (although I’m not allergic to gluten like 90% of the world. Really, people? Holley=skeptical).

Having been in education the vast majority of my career, I have experienced my fair share of germs. Today I present to you my top 7 tips for surviving a cold.


1. Run anyway. But go slow. You won’t feel worse and you might feel better. Recycle your photo. You’re too busy blowing your nose to take a picture.


2. Double the coffee. You need the caffeine to stay alert and the heat feels great on your throat. Reheat your coffee multiple times, driving your co-workers batty with the incessant microwave beeping.


3. Dill pickles. Real talk. Totally works.


4. Lots of greens with brown rice at dinner. I’ve been eating Brussels sprouts daily. So good!


5. Ice cream with vegan magic shell. Don’t judge me for the sugar. In this scenario cold on the throat>sugar content.

There are numerous online recipes for homemade vegan magic shell and this one has only two ingredients! Dark chocolate and coconut oil are melted together and then drizzled over ice cream. The coconut oil creates a crunchy exterior that is really, truly better than regular, store-bought magic shell.

Totally made my throat feel better.

6. Hugs from kids. I tried really hard not to breathe in their faces. Although, it might serve Miss Rae right…


7. Sleep. You don’t have to tell me twice.


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  1. I love making coconut oil chocolate shell! It is so easy and DELISH on peppermint ice cream. Hope you get around to feeling better soon!

  2. Great and realistic tips! Hope you start feeling better soon!


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