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Icy New Year’s Run

I don’t need any more evidence.


For January-March, I’m joining a gym.

I really rebelled against this when we first moved. Running has been my drug of choice for awhile now and I don’t need a gym to do that!


But today, as I headed out to finish my last three miles for the Holiday Running Streak Challenge, (which I completed-yay!) I realized that I can’t keep living this delusion.

It was so icy. I mean, icy everywhere. I changed my route, determined to finish my goal, but ended up running numerous large circles, just because running in the gravel in one nearby neighborhood didn’t make me slip every two seconds.


My pace was suh-low, but I was mostly trying to not die as Katy Perry was telling me that I’m a firework. And I am. And then I decided to join the gym.

It’s expensive. It’s not super close. I don’t care.

1. I messed up my neck and back a few weeks ago and some yoga is going to do my body good! Although, the yoga that I do at home with J Man and Miss Rae does my heart good. Hilarious!

2. I miss my cycling classes! For at least two years I religiously went twice a week when we were living in Portland. Now I’ll be able to ride again!

3. I have a goal for 2014, better known as The Year of Bloomsday. It’s only a 12k, but for a 5k junkie like myself, this is big news. I already booked our hotel, so there’s no backing out now!

With a gym membership, I can run on a treadmill that isn’t covered with ice. Katy can still tell me what a great job I’m doing. I am a firework!


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