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Food and Fitness Plan

I’ve never been that girl who eats half of a salad and then pushes it away because I’m “too full.”

Nor am I one of those girls who obsessively watches the scale. Unless we’re talking about the Biggest Loser scale and I’m totally addicted to this season and watch it on my iPad in the morning on the treadmill. I love Bob Harper. Also, Jillian scares me.

December 29 is National “Get on the Scales Day.”

I obeyed.

It wasn’t horrifying, but the fudge, Waffle House, and snowball cookies took their toll.

Running with Racheal

You know how much I love lists.

So here’s my plan for this week.

Sunday: run 3 miles outside
Monday: elliptical – 30ish minutes
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: run 5k outside
Thursday: maybe I’ll convince my mom to go for a walk with me?
Friday: elliptical – 30ish minutes
Saturday: rest



Slow, but it was pretty icy outside and I wasn’t taking any chances…


Sunday night: English Muffin Pizzas, salad
Monday night: Pesto Tortellini with broccoli
Tuesday night: New Year’s Eve snacks
Wednesday night: Vegetable Calzones
Thursday night: Curry and Rice, peas
Friday night: burritos
Saturday night: game night snacks with friends


I love having a plan.

I’m totally that girl.

P.S. I’m also the girl who wears three pairs of sunglasses at the same time. Classy, no?



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