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Christmas Survey, 2013

I took a cue from Amanda at Running With Spoons and went for this Christmas Survey.

P.S. This is merely an excuse for a plethora of photos that have only Christmas in common… Be warned.


How soon do you start shopping?

I used to love Christmas shopping. And then I had children and got old. Now the crowds stress me out and I never know what to get people! This year, it was Amazon wishlists all the way! One night of internet browsing. Poof. Done.

Do you bake cookies?

Yessiree. This year we made snowballs (Russian tea cakes), pizelles, Santa cookies, and fudge. Is fudge a cookie? I don’t know but it was delicious!


Do you put up a Christmas tree?

Always. Even when we’re going to Florida for the holiday!


Real or fake?

My preference is real and in a perfect world, we cut our own tree. However, an artificial tree is so easy and especially convenient because…

Do you put lights on it?

…the tree comes prelit:)

Cranberries or popcorn?

Both delicious to eat, but what working mother of two has time to thread cranberries on a string? Do you know how long that takes?

Do you use tinsel?

Absolutely not. There are stale Cheerios, Mickey Mouse stickers and random Polly Pocket dolls in my carpet. Do I need something else?

Homemade or store bought ornaments?

Mostly store bought, but I have a feeling as J Man and Miss Rae’s school careers progress, that’s gonna change.

Do you put up lights outside your house?

Do good intentions count? The issues are many, but the most important ones being time (limited), ability (Matty B, alone) and pickiness of performance (me).

Do you celebrate Christmas Eve?

Fondue dinner, Christmas talent show that ALL are required to participate in, and usually presents.

Do you hang up stockings?

They are typically bulging and falling off of the mantle. Someone usually puts chocolate in the toe and then turns on the fireplace.


Christmas movie:

Home Alone. Just not sure if 1 or 2 is better.

Christmas song:

Sacred: Go Tell It On The Mountain. I don’t know why, I just love it.

Secular: The Christmas Song. You know, “chestnuts roasting on an open fire…”?

Christmas cookie:

It’s a toss up between peanut brittle and snowballs, but you might argue that peanut brittle isn’t a cookie. You know what I hate? Divinity. Sorry, mom.

This or that:

Give or receive:

Would you judge me if I said receive?:) I think watching my kiddos open their gifts is the best!


Ham or turkey?

How about Tofurkey?:) Actually, Quorn makes an awesome “dinner roast”.

Star or angel?



White or colored lights?

White. No exceptions.


Still or blinking?

Still. No exceptions.

When do you open gifts?

Usually Christmas Eve, but this year we’re rocking Christmas morning. Maybe my dad will be able to stay awake through the festivities this way:)

What’s on your list this Christmas?

Compression socks. And ShaSha already came through! Yay!

What’s the best Christmas gift you ever received?

Cricket, the talking doll. (Kinda like Teddy Ruxpin. Remember him?)


The worst?

I’m not sure I’ve ever received these as a gift, but please never get me Aplets and Cotlets. Gross.

Do you like wrapping gifts?


Circumstances must be perfect. If children are in bed and Christmas music is playing and I have good materials to work with and hot chocolate is within arms reach, yes. Otherwise, no. Side note: I get a lot of joy out of using up a roll of wrapping paper. Is that weird?

Can you name all the reindeer?

Yes. But more importantly, is it Donner or Donder?


Have you ever gone caroling?

We used to when I was a kid and I loved it and I wish someone would carol with me again. Matty B…?

Do you drive around and look at Christmas lights?

For sure. Matty B says that this was one of his favorite things we did this holiday season. We made Unk C come with us and we bundled the kids up and took hot chocolate and drove around looking at lights. The. Best.


Have you ever had a white Christmas?

I’m a northwest girl- you bet!

Do you do pictures with Santa?

Evidence below. When we were kids, my mom took my brother and I. Imagine the same picture, but I’m J Man and my brother is Miss Rae.


What part of Christmas do you look forward to the most?

Seriously can’t choose. I love all of our traditions, old and new. I love all the food! I love seeing Christmas “new” again through my kids.




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