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I’ve Never…

Have you played this game before? “I’ve Never…”?

Certainly there are different names and variations, but the game I’ve played involves a group of people sitting in a circle while one person in the middle makes an “I’ve Never” statement, such as…

I’ve never ridden in a helicopter.
I’ve never had chicken pox.
I’ve never eaten escargot.
I’ve never been buried in snow.
I’ve never totaled a car.
I’ve never eaten at a Waffle House.

All the people in the circle who have, in fact, done those things, have to jump up and trade places.

For the record, for each of the above statements, other than THE LAST ONE, I would be tearing around the circle looking for a chair.

And now, today, on this 23rd day of December, I’m proud to say that I have eaten at a Waffle House.


I don’t think that Waffle Houses are a northwest thing. I’m told by the Florida Bryants and the east coast Bryants that it is a “cultural breakfast experience”.


I was anxious to be one of the cool kids, so we ate 2nd breakfast (yes, that’s how we do it) at the Waffle House. Is it THE Waffle House or just Waffle House? I’m new.


Photo narration: this is Matty B pretending to cut a plastic farm animal in half with a chainsaw carrying Bob the Builder. All of the above mentioned items were found in my purse. You must always be prepared when attending (A? The?) Waffle House.


Each of our waffles was $3.60. We paid $0.25 extra for chocolate chips. Totally worth it.


And now my life is complete.

Next step: therapy to help me deal with the trauma of tasting escargot, totaling my car, and being buried in snow…

I’ve never been to a therapist…


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