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Running in FL

I’m not one to pass up a cupcake.



Or apple pie…


Or a cake pop…


Or biscoff cookies, animal crackers, or goldfish…


I did pass on the pacifier…


Although Miss Rae capitalized on this rare opportunity…

And because of my willingness to embrace every delightful taste of Christmas, I also embrace most opportunities for a good run.

Running in Florida is another story. I got up early to avoid the heat. It was still 66 degrees.


This is how I dress for a winter run in Washington:


This is how I dress for a winter run in Florida:


I’m not sure what’s wrong with my lips. Maybe it was the fact that I had just finished running in a sauna. Typically, it’s hard for me to breathe because my lungs are frozen. Today’s run felt like I was breathing in giant mouthfuls of steam. I choked through 2.8 miles. That was enough.

In general, it’s impossible to please me.

I take that back.


Running past rows of palm trees was pretty fabulous. And then I went inside and ate a giant Einstein bagel.

I never pass up a bagel.

P.S. I’m 29 miles into my Holiday Running Streak! Only 6 miles to go before January 1st!


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