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Lemonade Christmas

We are so confused.

This is what’s going on at home right now:


Here’s the scoop at ShaSha and Grandad’s house:


And now this makes total sense to me…


This is what’s up in Florida…


We’re playing outside in short sleeved shirts. And J Man is demanding sunscreen. Have I mentioned before that he’s a 74 year old man trapped in a four year old body? Although, not sure that old man J Man would be rocking those orange shades…


We’re sporting our flip-flops. Santa needs to bring me a pedicure for Christmas…


We’re sitting outside on the patio at Starbucks! Although, I can’t bring myself to order my coffee “iced”. Just doesn’t seem right.




We’re picking lemons and making lemonade!

So we definitely aren’t having a white Christmas, and I couldn’t characterize it as blue, but with the sunshine and lemons combined, I think it’s safe to say we’re having a lemonade Christmas! (Cause yellow Christmas sounded weird…)


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