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WIAW: Disney Edition

Disclaimer: While Disney is very accommodating to a vegan diet if you fill out the paperwork and call a special phone number and ask for personal attention from the chef, being a “versatile vegan” is about not making my food choices affect others on a trip when the day should be all about Minnie Mouse and fast pass tickets.

Today was all about Minnie Mouse and fast pass tickets. As it should be.


Breakfast: Cranberry bagel in the car, on the way to Walt Disney World. I actually tried to sign us up for breakfast with Mickey, but the soonest reservation I could get was January 15, 2056. I was pretty hungry, so I ate the bagel, rather than wait.


Lunch: Caprese flatbread. Disney has really classed it up since the last time we attended a few years ago. For lunch today we simply stopped at the closest restaurant. No menu searching. No scouting for the best options. We were hungry. I imagined my fate to be a hamburger without the meat and some fries. I was thrilled with this flatbread and it was delicious!


Dessert for me was supposed to be a churro. So when Matty B and the kiddos stopped for Mickey Mouse ice cream bars, I ate the ear of Miss Rae’s, saving myself for the elusive churro. Update 1: we never found the churros. Update 2: my face didn’t match Miss Rae’s after my taste of her ice cream.


Did you know Disney World has a Starbucks? I was 49% dismayed, 51% thrilled.


Motto for life: Never ask your two year old daughter to tear her eyes from the character parade for yet another picture. You will only be disappointed.

Dinner was the majority of the biggest Qdoba burrito you’ve ever seen. I love their guacamole! And I had cheese on my burrito. It must’ve been the Mickey Mouse ears that left me with the craving…



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