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Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Through the years, Santa has received mixed reviews.


2009: the year of the massive pout. The trauma was enough that a 2010 picture doesn’t exist.


2011: the year of bewilderment.


2012: the year of fury.


2013: the year where both children willingly interacted with Santa followed by Miss Rae asking if she could take him home.

When questioned by Santa about their Christmas lists, J Man asked for two Cowboys jerseys (Daddy was so proud) and Miss Rae requested cooking things. These apples don’t fall too far from the tree, hmmm?

In addition to sharing our love for cooking and football teams who win (wait, that would be the Broncos, not the Cowboys…) our kiddos also share our love of chocolate. Wait. Did I write about chocolate yesterday? It’s Christmas. Get over it.

Also, today is National Dip Everything In Chocolate Day. Yes, a day like this exists. Yes, we participated.


Chocolate dipped strawberries aren’t revolutionizing, but they sure are good.


In keeping with the “Dip Everything” theme, I searched the kitchen for other opportunities, but I need to make a grocery run, so my options were baby carrots or wilty romaine. Strawberries it was!


If you’ve never made chocolate dipped strawberries before, it’s super easy. Melt some chocolate. Wash and dry (super important) some strawberries. Dip. Let set.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t catch on right away. It took four years for my kids to figure out the Santa sit, but they eventually got it. Although, at least with these strawberries the end result is more likely in your favor than requesting two Cowboys jerseys. You already have one, J Man!

Now Broncos on the other hand…


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