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Christmas Story-a-thon

Sometimes traumatic events cause you to hold on tighter. I mentioned last week that we lost grandpa. We’re still sad.

But let’s say you had two car keys and you lost one of them, wouldn’t you hold on tighter to your other key?


Tonight, I’m holding on tighter to my keys. Yes, my keys are wearing their Halloween costumes. No, that’s not weird at all.


We drank peppermint hot cocoa and read Christmas stories in front of the fire. Yes, I sugared up my keys before bed. We like to live on the edge.


Someone was slightly anxious for their hot cocoa to cool. Yes, she is the cutest little monkey you’ve ever seen. Or, according to grandpa, the cutest little mouse you’ve ever seen.


Certainly, grandpa would’ve been bored with our story selection, preferring the Wall Street Journal and he would’ve passed on the hot cocoa (don’t you know? He can’t have chocolate!) but I know he would’ve enjoyed the lights and who doesn’t love a cute, fuzzy brown mouse?



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